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Fishing Adventure


  • Chum Fun Van
    Transportation Included

    Chum Fun operates a van that will transport you in comfort from the docks to the shores where you will reel in your catch of the day.

Friendly Local Guides

  • Friendly Local Guides
    Paul and Michell Turinsky

    Paul and Michelle own Chum Fun and Paul will be your fishing guide. Paul was formerly a Bering Sea crab fisherman and Michelle is of Athabascan and Russian Aleut and Alaska Native heritage. Their families have lived in Juneau for over 118 years.

Fishing Gear

  • Tour Guide
    We've got you outfitted

    We supply the boots, poles, nets, and the best fish catching lures available. We can also obtain your fishing license, so you can concentrate on fishing and having fun.

Excellent Adventure

  • Grand Experience
    Adventure is priceless.

    With all the things to do and see in Juneau, our tour offers the family a great adventure suitable for all ages and still allows you plenty of time to enjoy all the sights of Juneau.

Weather Information & Location Map

Weather Information

Juneau has mild, marine weather during the summer months, as shown in the table below.

May Average Min 3.9oC 39oF
Average Max 12.8oC 55oF
June Average Min 7.2oC 45oF
Average Max 16.1oC 61oF
July Average Min 8.8oC 48oF
Average Max 17.7oC 64oF
August Average Min 8.3oC 47oF
Average Max 17.2oC 63oF
September Average Min 6.1oC 43oF
Average Max 13.3oC 56oF

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions that we hear most often. Hopefully we answer yours!

General FAQs

King salmon are available in May and June. Keta salmon are available in June and July. Pink salmon and Silver salmon are available in August and September. The column to the right has additional information about Alaska's species of wild salmon.

Alaska Salmon: Wild and natural

Yes! There are several local seafood processing companies that will package your fish to arrive safely at your destination.

Ship your catch home! We can help you with arrangements.

You very well might! We bring clients to fish from shore or from the Douglas Island Pink and Chum (DIPAC) docks. DIPAC is a successful salmon hatchery raising salmon fry and then releasing them to mature in Alaska's glacier-fed oceans.

Your catch Wild and natural.

You will most likely need a non-resident Alaska fishing license. You can pick it up and pay for it at our store, in cash. There is an ATM machine located in the lobby of our building.

Got license - ready to fish! All legal-like.

We are a shore-based fishing adventure, so you will be fishing from a local dock, not from a boat. This allows you to enjoy the experience of catching an Alaska salmon and still have time to enjoy other sights around Juneau during your visit.

Dock fishing: It's the best way to reel in the catch of the day!

Alaska salmon are managed for sustainability, and that means that harvest levels are closely watched during openings. There are often mid-season changes in catch regulations, and we will let you know what the legal limits are on the day of your adventure.

Fish for generations to enjoy Alaska's sustainable harvest

No. It is written in Alaska's constitution that wild fish stocks must be sustainably managed. That's how important fish are to Alaska's heritage, economy, and Alaska's fishing families.

Fish for generations to enjoy Alaska's economy depends on healthy salmon stocks

Alaska Salmon and Marine Life

They are the largest and least abundant of the species. Their average weight is approximately 20 pounds. Prized for its red flesh, rich flavor, high oil content, and firm texture. King salmon are most often served in upscale restaurants.

King SalmonOncorhynchus tshawytscha

Prized for its deep red flesh, color retention, distinctive flavor and firm texture.Their average weight is approximately six pounds. They are most often served in upscale restaurants.

Sockeye Salmon Oncorhynchus nerka

Also known as Alaska Silver Salmon, they are the second largest of Alaska's five species of salmon. Their average weight is 12 pounds. Known for an orange-red flesh, superior texture, and excellent eye appeal. One of the most commonly used species in the foodservice arena.

Coho Salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch

Also known as Alaska Chum Salmon or Alaska Dog Salmon. Known for its firm pink flesh, moderate fat content, and delicate flavor. This species is in high-demand by the foodservice industry and is used in almost every segment. Their average weight is eight pounds.

Keta Salmon Oncorhynchus keta

Also known as humpies. They are the smallest and most abundant of the salmon species. Their average weight is two to three pounds. Known for their light, rose-colored flesh and delicate flavor

Alaska Pink Salmon Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

Once endangered in the Lower 48, these great birds have a thriving population in Southeast Alaska. Many gather around the dock you will be fishing from as the fish run up the Gastineau Channel. Eagles commonly feed on spawned and dying salmon and will catch them to carry back to their young in the nest. They have little textured pads on their talons specifically adapted to carry slippery salmon!

Bald Eagles Haliaeetus leucocephalus

The harbor (or harbour) seal, also known as the common seal, is a true seal found along temperate and Arctic marine coastlines of the Northern Hemisphere. The most widely distributed species of pinniped (walruses, eared seals, and true seals), they are found in coastal waters of the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Baltic and North Seas. Seals are common near the docks you will fish from, as they feed on spawning salmon.

Harbor Seals Phoca vitulina>

Tour Details


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Tour Dates

Fishing adventures are offered June through September and cost $125 per person, plus an Alaska fishing license for $25 (available from Chum Fun Charters.)


We outfit you with everything: Shakespeare Ugly Stick fishing poles, high-quality spinning reels, and the best salmon-catching lures and nets to help you land the big one, transportation to and from our fishing dock, and your Alaska fishing license.

We work with the following organizations:
Tour Description

Come fishing with Chum Fun Salmon Charters, Southeast Alaska's premier dock fishing adventure tour. We get you outfitted with the best gear, get your fishing license, and transport you to the best shore fishing location in Juneau. In no time you'll be catching your own wild Alaska salmon! Perfect for individuals, groups, and families with kids. Our memorable adventures are three-hours long, leaving you plenty of time to reel in your catch of the day and enjoy all that Juneau has to offer.

Alaskan Fishing Family

Chum Fun Salmon Charters is owned and operated by an Alaskan family with a rich tradition of living sustainably in the far north and catching the world's best salmon!

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Please check in with us at our new location at 2591 Channel Dr., Juneau, AK 99801

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Reviews From Our Customers

Joanie B.Even in the rain, had a great time catching fish. The owner Paul made sure everyone had a great time and we did. Caught lots of fish (Chum Salmon) learned alot about the area too. Young or old, this was a blast! We fished from the dock at the hatchery so we didn't have to worry about being on a boat.

Joanie B, New Jersey

Amie K.Charter fishing at a totally reasonable price. Not only was Chum Fun totally reasonable for us to go fishing for salmon, but the experience with Paul and Michelle was Fantastic! These two went above and beyond their business duties to give my brother, boyfriend and I an awesome fishing experience. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with a day stop in Juneau on your cruise ship or if you find yourself in Juneau without the loads of cash required for Chartering a boat. These guys have found a brilliant solution to making fishing reasonable and totally fun. And, they'll even pick you up AND pack up the fish you catch. Happy Fishing with Chum Fun!!

Amie K., Vermont

Tina G.It's not just fishing, it's catching! Our family had a great time fishing with Chum Fun! Not only was the fishing great, the people were great too! They provided rods, bait, transportation, a beautiful location and some quality fishing advice. I highly recommend Chum Fun to anyone looking for good time!

Tina G., Florida

J.M.Highlight of Alaska! Our family recently went Salmon fishing on the Gastineau Channel with Chum Fun Charters--"a Salmon CATCHING experience!" It was a highlight in our time in Alaska. Paul and Michelle were "AWESOME!" in the words of our boys--they had gear for all ages and sizes, taught us more about casting/fishing--and about life in Alaska. Both natives of this beautiful state, they not only KNOW Alaska, but radiate a love for and appreciation of Alaska. Cannot say enough good about how Paul and Michelle worked to give us all this experience--they know fishing, and they "get" families. Loved every minute! Can't wait to go again!

J.M., Utah

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